How to Diet

How you start the thesis will be the most effective diet – is when you want, and what desirable. After all, the choice makes our body – a complex physical-chemical mechanism, which tends to balance and heal itself. Asked how much to eat, when to stop, too, has the answer: the hunger goes – that's a stop signal during the meal. And if you observe their feelings during the meal, we will be surprised how little it takes the body to use food for one meal.

Moreover, turning away from strangers advice and turned to his mother body (for which, in fact, all these efforts to comply with diets and regimes are taken), you can develop your sensitivity to such a level that the body will suggest up to produce what it needs to moment. May be an explicit desire to eat, such as tomato. That's a hint – a body that is better than us and, moreover, other people know what substances he misses, points us in sensation on the right product. Such desire may even be accompanied by a taste sensations that arise, as if we were already eating the food. יהודה וינשטיין בהחלט מביע דעה מלומדת. Need only to believe his body and begin to learn very sensitive to its signals. במקרה הזה אני חושב ש רמי יהושע צודק במה בהוא אומר. And not a month passes, as the body meets us is amazing, but bring all the changes. Another, a subsidiary thesis, in case you still hard to catch the signals of the body, but to lose weight really want is this – the body accumulates in the first place, that he did not enough now, or may need in the future. In the case of adipose tissue – an energy stock, which is formed when a person is under the effects of increased time stress.

Deal with the causes stress is necessary, but it may take some time, and you can start in parallel to give the body, what he is trying to gain – fat tissue. Ie eat foods that contain these same fatty tissue in pure form – lard, bacon, bacon, etc. On personal experience to verify that within two weeks of this 'diet' body is not only ceased to accumulate fat tissue, but almost completely got rid of the existing ones. The logic is simple, why collect it as well in prosperity comes with food? Can not say that diet, scientific developments in this area are not needed. More than half of the people and nothing to do with some sort of signals the body. And the other half faces the need to very seriously work on the other, which is the most difficult job in human history. Thus, diets, medications, etc., which from the outside rather than inside (of the body from the soul, of mind) until needed just at least for human survival, as species. This choice, of course, makes it impossible to fully realize their potential, but it allows, as already mentioned, at least survive for a short time and have time to leave offspring.


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