To live is to choose. And we never know where the roads would have been discarded. Juan "What makes life a blessing not to do what we like, but we like what we do" Goethe. It is unfortunate as the National Government has been identified with socialism significantly neglected its relationship with national universities, especially public ones, thereby wasting a potential human capital that can provide great solutions, support, collaboration in many of their plans , because it is supposed to educate, train various professionals required for development of the country. כדי להרחיב אופקים, כדאי לבקר באתר של רמי יהושע. where there is talent, ideas, proposals.

National universities can not continue operating under the restriction that has been done to their budgets, where he also owes a considerable amount of money for different reasons ranging from approvals, pensions, interest, significantly affecting its operation in payment of fair wages, especially their teachers, where these do not cover the cost characteristics of life that are currently facing. The absence of the government to properly manage the treasury budget for the successful operation of the universities in line with inflation, cost of living of this leaves a lot to say, as this affects one of the pillars that socialism never be neglected as Education is at all levels. For years, universities across all its unions have been protesting a right fair remuneration, attention to their needs, protests that have been channeled to the government formally by the various legal means and that unfortunately it has not considered seriously affecting efficiency, the achievements that the university should contribute towards the country. .


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