What God teaches in them through the Sacred Holy Writs regarding this controversial subject. Because one remembered of that they were of meat, wind that passes and not return. Salmos 78:39 God always remembers the men, of them not disrespecting, but we are as the wind, we pass for this world and we do not come back more. Therefore this subject of reincarnation is rejected by God through the teachings that in the ones backwards through the Truth, only contained in Sacred the Escrituras.As our only experiences this way are do not have repetition and nor arrumao for that we could have better done, come more times for the Land. E, as to the men it is commanded to die a time, come after this the judgment, Thus also Christ, offering itself a time to take off the sins of many, will appear second time, without sin, to they wait that it for salvation.

Hebrew 9:27 – 28Deus it commands so that let us die one alone time physically. After this event will come on all the human beings the judgment the holy ghost, relative to ours attitudes, words, action, thoughts and options. To that they wait its salvation in Christ, after to pass for the judgment of approved skies, are destined to live to the side of God and Mr. Jesus, in the Kingdom of Skies. GENTLEMAN of the Armies, fortunate the man who in you puts its confidence. Salmo 84:12 Places its total confidence in Mr.

and it does not enter more in the deceived colloquies that the people try to launch on you. They are assertive of the type: if not to give certain of this time, you return for and make right everything here what lie was hanging therefore that is! It is remained in confidence in what the Creator teaches in them, does not only fall more in the colloquy of nobody. I will behave myself with intelligence in the straight way. When you will come me? I will walk in my house with a sincere heart. Salmo 101:2 As if to hold? Which is the adequate behavior of the Christian? To keep its proper intelligence in high, remaining themselves in the ways of God, if not leaving to lead for whom they try to warp its agreement. We know that the straight way, that is, way of the wisdom comes of God for all we and in it we keep in them when we remain with heart sincerity, place where God only knows everything what he has in us! I will not put thing me of my eyes ahead. I hate the workmanship from that if they deviate; if it will not catch me me. Salmo 101:3 the thoughts of the world are opposing to the Truth. They are the set of things that overshadow the Plan the holy ghost already traced by the Creator for all we, therefore does not allow to turn aside itself from the direction of God and it does not allow that it makes the head so that you follow a shunting line way, total is of the Word of Deus.Todas the things that God did not say and he does not teach in them are lies. On behalf of Jesus.Mnica Gazzarrini Jesus Christ is you