Treatments and water filters. Why a water filter? The treatment and choose the right water filter can help reduce pollution of the water we use and have better health. Today there are a variety of manufacturers of water treatment plants and a large amount of water filters that may be difficult to choose. We hope these tips help you, as a matter of health and money. Two things I do not want to lose.

The treatments and water filters, why have them? For the large amount of pollutants entering our waters. Liquids to uncover pipes. Do you know the Drano, Liquid Plumber and another large amount of liquids that are used to open clogged pipes? If you read the instructions suggest that you use gloves to use. If the product gets into the skin may cause harm. If the product pipe was uncovered for what was done and the product reaches drinking water sources, you may take in water. Remember that many thousands of people buy these liquids every day to solve the problem of clogged pipes. So it would be logical to think that thousands of gallons of these liquids come into our water.

Cleaning liquids. What about the Tilex, Lime Away, Clorox and hundreds of other products used for cleaning? Products used to clean the tub, toilet, dirty dishes, clothes and even the car could be coming to our water using the culvert. These products are toxic and harmful, we do not want them in our water.


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